Getting started

How much money do I need to get started?

You need a minimum of $500 to buy HouseShares but you can buy more if you wish. The more shares you buy, the bigger your stake in the housing market. There is no commitment to a monthly plan. Savers buy shares as and when they have the funds available.

How many HouseShares can I buy?

There's no limit to how many HouseShares you buy, or how much or how often you buy HouseShares. In fact, owners are encouraged to spread their ownership across many different properties - as this helps reduce the risks of owning property in just one place, or at one time in the property cycle.

How do I pay for my HouseShares?

On The Ownery website simply choose how much you want to save, and authorise us to direct debit funds from your account - we take care of the rest. All funds are held in trust by The Ownery until the HouseShare offer is fully funded.

Will I be charged a fee for buying HouseShares?

An up-front fee of 4.5% (plus GST) of the value of your HouseShare purchase is charged at the time you purchase your HouseShares. This is a one-off fee which doesn't recur annually.

Who is eligible to buy HouseShares?

This product is intended for Kiwis. You'll need to be over 18 years of age and provide the following before making your first HouseShares purchase:

  • New Zealand proof of identity
  • New Zealand bank account
  • Your current residential address

Do I have to live in Auckland to buy HouseShares?

No. Owners can live anywhere in New Zealand. If you live outside New Zealand, you need to confirm that you are eligible to invest under that country's securities laws.

Will all of the properties be in Auckland?

Yes, for the first 12 months, we expect to be buying properties only in Auckland.

What sort of properties?

It makes sense for HouseShare Offers to be backed by the kind of houses that owners might buy if they chose to buy their own home. HouseShare Companies intend to hold their property long-term, so properties with higher rental yields and lower maintenance costs will also be favoured. Properties will be selected and secured by HouseShare Management Ltd.

How do I know which house or houses I should buy into?

Properties are selected by a property expert and detailed information about each HouseShare Offer is published on our website. You use this information to choose which house (or houses) you want to save in. As well as helping you step into the housing market earlier, this information also helps you build up your knowhow, so you're better prepared by the time you buy your own home.

Is this type of savings plan operating successfully elsewhere?

Yes, in other markets, there are companies which are successfully buying properties, managing them and offering shared ownership to multiple owners, under similar principles to what we're doing. The laws are different in each country, so each company's structure looks slightly different. The common theme is enabling individuals to invest in real estate without having to buy and manage an entire property themselves.

Will a bank loan be used when buying houses?

No. The money to purchase each house is raised by people like you buying HouseShares.

Once you're an Owner

How am I better off?

The real advantage is that you're entering the market from day one, and you're saving in the place you want to be. So regardless of whether the market goes up or down, your stake in the housing market remains the same.

Along the way, you may receive HouseShare Dividends, which are your share of the proceeds of rental income over and above the costs of managing each house. The HouseShare Company Constitution governs when and how its dividends are distributed.

When the time comes for you to buy your own home, and you're ready to sell your HouseShares, you have the right to request you HouseShares to be bought back by the company at the current published valuation.

Who manages the house?

One of the big advantages of being an Owner is that you never need to worry about managing or renting out houses. The HouseShare™ Manager takes care of all this for owners.

Will I need to put more money into the house at any time?

No. HouseShare Companies expect all costs to be funded through renting out the property. The risk of most large unexpected costs, such as flood or fire, will be covered through property insurance.

In the unlikely event that an unforeseen cost may arise that isn't insured for, HouseShare Companies can borrow (which will be secured against the house), or can issue further HouseShares to raise funds if needed.

How do I sell my HouseShares?

Easy. You have two options:

  1. You can request the HouseShare Company to buy back your HouseShares at the current advertised valuation each month after the HouseShare Buy-back becomes available. Valuations are re-calculated monthly and are published on your personal Ownery Dashboard.
  2. You can privately sell your HouseShares to anyone you like. The HouseShare Company will charge an administration fee to process the transfer of HouseShares.

What happens if Auckland housing values decrease in any particular year?

HouseShare values will move in step with the value of the underlying house owned by the HouseShare company, so whether the market goes up or down, your share of that housing market remains the same.

What security do Owners have?

  • Save in bricks & mortar

    Every dollar saved is backed by property that has been carefully vetted by HouseShare™ Management Ltd and chosen by the shareholder.

  • Spread your ownership

    Shareholders can reduce the risks of property ownership by buying HouseShares in many different houses, in different locations, at different times in the property market cycle.

  • You're in control

    Shareholders choose which HouseShare offers they save in and they can view their HouseShares on their Ownery Dashboard at any time. Everything they need is at their fingertips.

  • Each house is ring-fenced

    Each offer of HouseShares is made by a separate company which is owned and controlled by its shareholders.

  • Your money is held in trust

    Until an offer closes, all money is held in trust in a segregated bank account.

Things to know about tax

Is a HouseShare Company liable for tax?

Any taxable profit made by a HouseShare Company is subject to corporation tax, which the Company pays directly to Inland Revenue.

Will I be liable for personal tax?

Personal taxation is dependent on individual circumstances, so there's a limit to what advice we can offer. We recommend you seek independent tax advice.

HouseShare Dividends are income and will attract personal income tax. The rate of taxation is dependant on personal circumstances, so again, we recommend you seek independent tax advice.

At the time of sale, the difference between the purchase price and the sale price of HouseShares is a capital gain. Whether personal tax is payable on capital gains is dependant on personal circumstances, much like owners of shares in publicly listed companies. We recommend that you seek independent tax advice.

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What is a Company Constitution?

Each HouseShare™ Company has its own set of rules which governs how it is to be managed and sets out the rights of its shares holders. Each HouseShare™ Company will have a director who is responsible for the running of that company according to its constitution.

What are HouseShares?

HouseShares is the name we have for shares in a company that owns a single house. When you buy HouseShares, you're effectively buying a share of the house it owns.

What is a HouseShare™ Manager?

Each HouseShare™ Company is required to appoint a professional manager to administer the company and select and manage its property. HouseShare Management Ltd is a company set up specifically to provide these services. HouseShare Management Ltd and The Ownery share the same owners.

Guaranteed to be fully funded?

Someone has committed to buying any remaining shares at the end of the offer, meaning the house will be purchased and applicants will receive their HouseShares™. (Underwritten).


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