No more falling behind as house prices grow faster than your savings. With just $500 you can step into the housing market from day one - by saving in houses.


The Ownery is the game-changing savings alternative that's here to keep the Kiwi dream of ownership alive. It's a faster, smarter and simpler way for first home buyers to step onto the property ladder and save towards their own home.


Just $500 gets you into the housing market - and every $500 you save in houses gets you a step closer to owning your own home.


You're saving in the market you're saving for. Which means your savings move in step with house prices.


The percentage you've saved in the housing market remains the same, no matter whether house prices in that market go up or down.



Step 1:
Choose a house. Buy shares

Carefully vetted houses in up-and-coming Auckland suburbs are published here. For as little as $500, you can buy shares in the Company that owns the house (we call these HouseShares).

Step 2:
Buy more shares. Grow your ownership

Every time you have some spare cash, you can buy more HouseShares and keep building up your stake in the market.

Step 3:
Stay in step with the market

Here's the good bit... because you're saving in property, your savings grow at the same pace as the market. No more falling behind!

Step 4:
Keep track of your ownership

Keep tabs on your HouseShares online. View the house or houses you're saving in, and see how each one is tracking in the market.

Step 5:
Ready to buy your own home? Easy

Found your dream home? No problem. You simply sell your HouseShares and put the proceeds towards buying your own home.

Watch our video or read our FAQs to learn more.


Just starting out

For young Kiwis who aren't ready to settle down but want to own their own home one day.

Saving for a home

For Kiwis who have started to save to buy their own home.

Parents saving to help out

For parents who want to be able to help their children own their own home.


Save in bricks & mortar

Every dollar saved is backed by solid property that has been carefully vetted by our property experts and chosen by you.

Spread your ownership

You can reduce the risks of property ownership by buying HouseShares in many different houses, in different locations, at different times in the property market cycle.

You're in control

You choose which HouseShare offers you save in and you can view your HouseShares on your Ownery Dashboard at any time. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Each house is ring-fenced

Each offer of HouseShares is made by a separate company which is owned and controlled by its owners.

Your money is held in trust

Until an offer closes, all money is held in trust in a segregated bank account.


We're here to keep the Kiwi dream of home ownership alive.

We're a bunch of New Zealanders who believe that owning your own home should be something every Kiwi can achieve. We don't think it's right that so many young New Zealanders can't save enough to buy their own homes ... and it's time for a better way. So we've stepped in to change the game by making ownership easy, affordable and doable. We want the Kiwi dream to live on!

Paul Jacobs
Co-founder & CEO
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Paul Jacobs Co-founder & CEO

A Kiwi born and bred, Paul has worked in senior technology roles in New Zealand and overseas, including investment banking, communications and Internet services. Paul loves getting out on the Auckland Harbour with his family and friends, especially for a spot of fishing with anyone who's keen. He's passionate about simplicity and is always on the hunt for clever ideas to make life better. Ideas like The Ownery.

Kurt Settle
Co-founder & Product Lead
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Kurt Settle Co-founder & Product Lead

Another true-blue Kiwi, Kurt has worked in financial roles around the globe, holding senior positions at one of the world's largest Hedge Funds in London and Asia. However like so many New Zealanders, he couldn't resist returning to his Kiwi roots: Kurt grew up in Auckland and spent most summers exploring the Hauraki Gulf on his family's boat; something he continues to enjoy today with his own family.

Justin Kean
Director of Property
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Justin Kean Property Expert

Property runs through Justin's veins. He has a ton of experience in the sector, having worked across the globe specialising in property analysis, research and investment management. Justin grew up in Auckland and attended both the University of Auckland and AUT. In his spare time, he makes cheesy dad jokes, and makes actual cheeses and air dried meats in his garage. This goes to show he is a smart sausage indeed.

Ratha Long
Co-founder & Technology Lead
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Ratha Long Co-founder & Technology Lead

Our resident technology guru, Ratha is responsible for all things software design, architecture, implementation and delivery. On the back of a first class honours degree from University of Auckland, he worked in a range of tech roles for IBM, Vero, MotorWeb and Trade Me. Born in Cambodia, Ratha was brought up in New Zealand and is passionate that his boy will grow up here - and have the chance to own a home!

Jocelyn Bray
Marketing Lead
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Jocelyn Bray Marketing Lead

With over 20 years' marketing and advertising experience, Jocelyn has worked on many iconic Kiwi brands, such as Tui Beer and National Bank. These days, she loves working with organisations that make a positive and lasting difference to the lives of Kiwis, such as The Ownery. When not working, Jocelyn and her family head North to Coopers Beach, where she has spent idyllic summers since she was a kid.

Mark Ross
Accounting & Finance
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Mark Ross Accounting & Finance

Also a New Zealander, Mark worked as an accountant for firms in both Wellington and Auckland before starting his own accounting practice. These days, he prides himself on working closely with his clients to ensure they "understand the numbers". When Mark isn't crunching numbers, you might find him enjoying those great Kiwi pastimes: running, cycling or swimming while training for his next triathlon or Ironman.

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We're working together with these like-minded Kiwi organisations to achieve our mission: helping more Kiwis to own their own home.

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What is a Company Constitution?

Each HouseShare™ Company has its own set of rules which governs how it is to be managed and sets out the rights of its shares holders. Each HouseShare™ Company will have a director who is responsible for the running of that company according to its constitution.

What are HouseShares?

HouseShares is the name we have for shares in a company that owns a single house. When you buy HouseShares, you're effectively buying a share of the house it owns.

What is a HouseShare™ Manager?

Each HouseShare™ Company is required to appoint a professional manager to administer the company and select and manage its property. HouseShare Management Ltd is a company set up specifically to provide these services. HouseShare Management Ltd and The Ownery share the same owners.

Guaranteed to be fully funded?

Someone has committed to buying any remaining shares at the end of the offer, meaning the house will be purchased and applicants will receive their HouseShares™. (Underwritten).


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